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Review of Millard Erickson’s “Christian Theology”

Millard Erickson, Christian Theology (Third Edition)
Grands Rapids, Michigan: Baker Academic (2013)

This hefty volume provides a systematic treatment of Christian theology and represents a key book we recommend to all our students when commencing their programmes in theology at KEDS.

Although it can be read chronologically, the nature of Erickson’s work makes it ideal for mining information when delving into a particular area of theology, as well as providing the reader with an introductory bibliography to explore a topic further.

In essence, Christian Theology is a survey work, outlining and discussing the main themes in a work that presents theology and doctrine in a traditional systematic manner (theology, Christology, pneumatology, soteriology, ecclesiology and eschatology).

The style is accessible without oversimplification. The surveys are well-thought out, serve as useful introductions to those new to a topic, and quickly build up depth. In the survey of a topic the author explores the relevant views, providing the reader with an informed understanding of the different positions. Importantly, however, Erickson does so fairly, without being polemical or pejorative. To be sure, towards the end of each section the author reaches his own conclusions on each topic, nonetheless a valuable aspect of this volume is its discussion of alternative views.

This is a substantial volume (over 1100 ages) and will serve the reader for years after its purchase. At KEDS we like it because it can be used by degree students across a range of modules. It is also a particularly useful tool for pastors and anyone in ministry involved in Bible teaching. We believe it should be in any serious Bible student’s personal library.

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