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About Dr Smith

Calvin Smith has been a theological tutor, speaker and writer for over 30 years. Specialising in theology, a diverse education and experience has also contributed to a strong interdisciplinary speaking and academic writing career.

After completing studies at Bible college he earned an undergraduate degree in education, an MA in history and politics and a PhD in theology at the University of Birmingham. His doctoral research was published by the academic publishers Brill.

Dr Smith has spoken and published widely on a range of issues. He has edited several books and has various publications in peer-reviewed academic journals. He has also peer-reviewed  manuscripts for several academic publishers, including Cambridge University Press and Brill.

Aside from these experiences he has spoken and taught at many conferences, churches and colleges, as well as contributing to degree validation events with several British universities. Other academic experiences include supervising and examining doctoral research, presenting various papers on a range of issues at academic conferences and editing a theological journal.

Dr Smith has also served as a national and international examiner in religious and biblical studies, as well as participating in television broadcasts and debates on Christian issues. He has travelled widely for research and tutoring purposes, including organising and heading various study trips to Israel, as well as leading numerous overseas short-term missions.