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Who is This Site Designed For?


My name is Calvin Smith and my job (and ministry) is as a Christian educator in the Higher Education sector.

I am passionate about Christian education, particularly through online delivery and educational technology. This site is dedicated to exploring methods and issues surrounding effective and accessible electronic delivery of Christian education.

Christian education here is broadly defined, whether seminary programmes and degrees in Theology, short and long term courses by Bible colleges, para-ministry training courses, church classes (for example, Bible study groups, Sunday School, youth ministry, catechism and baptismal classes), different ministries' internal administrative or practical training, and so on.

The word "electronic" primarily denotes online delivery of course content, though educational technologies such as teaching and learning apps are also covered. Hence the word "wired" in the site title, to express the transfer of information between computers and online.

Who is This Site For?

Anyone in ministry considering launching or currently involved in electronic delivery of Christian education, who wants to know more about Christian educational technology. For example:

  • Leaders of Christian educational institutions 
  • Professors, tutors and teachers at seminaries, theological institutions, Bible colleges and Christian schools (from kindergarten through to post-secondary education)
  • Denominational leaders, church pastors and ministry directors
  • Church associate leaders (Sunday school teachers, youth pastors, Bible study instructors, home group leaders)
  • Para-ministry organisational and regional leaders and managers
  • Evangelists, missionaries and Christian workers providing instruction and training to groups

About Me

I am the principal of a theological college in the United Kingdom (King's Evangelical Divinity School). Originally a small evening Bible school founded in 1990, KEDS has developed to become one of the leading online providers of accredited theological education in the UK and Europe, offering undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Theology and Biblical Studies.

My qualifications and activities include a first degree in Education, a Ph.D. In Theology, and considerable work, positions and experiences within the Secondary, Tertiary and Higher Education sectors. Furthers details are available on my website.

Navigating The Site

The Wired Christian Learning site has essentially been designed as a blog to provide a running commentary on electronic Christian education and EdTech issues. The various articles can be accessed either chronologically using the archive feature, or else by topic or tag. Yet the site is so much more than a blog, so be sure to have a look around the various resources using the navigation bar options. This is a new site which is constantly being updated with content and features, so plan to visit back regularly if you can.

Key Introductory Articles

Below are listed some key articles which go the heart of what this website is about.

Christian Education and Educational Technology

Why Online Theological Education?



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