Dr Calvin Smith has worked with Chosen People Ministries (which runs its own accredited programs in Theology) by providing specialist distance learning advice so that our organisation could develop its own e-learning platform for our existing in-house training program. Dr Smith demonstrates extensive knowledge of online Higher Education issues and methods, and I recommend his abilities in this field.

Dr Mitch Glaser - President, Chosen People Ministries, New York (USA)


Regents Theological College, Malvern, are exploring the possibility of offering some courses by the mode of Distance Learning.  Hence we sought the consultancy services of Dr. Calvin Smith from Kings Evangelical Divinity School since we recognised his evident expertise in the delivery of Theological Education via a virtual learning platform. We had learned of his knowledge from hearing him present at University of Chester seminars and in private conversation and by perusal of the KEDS website itself.  Calvin addressed our full faculty in a frank explanation of the full implications of embarking on this Distance Learning adventure and he really stimulated all present by his sheer depth of understanding of the multiplicity of issues involved.  We are very grateful to him for his most professional kindness: we learned a lot in a short space of time.

Liam Hanna - Director of Academic Development, Regents Theological College (UK)

Consultancy is available in the following areas: 


Design and construction of new Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs); ongoing maintenance and development of VLEs; training tutors in VLE operation and systems; design and delivery of online programmes; learning resources and media production; e-learning and Theology/Religious Studies; delivering pastoral care and practical modules online.

General Christian Higher Education

Strategies for the establishment of new institutions and programmes; curriculum planning and development; validation and accreditation procedures; classroom delivery of course content; assessment methods and practice; distance learning; theological education.

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