libraryThere are various journals and magazines covering online learning and educational technology. These range from peer-reviewed, academic journals, often focusing on theoretical aspects, through to less academic, less formal and more practical-based publications.

Below are links to several comprehensive lists of e-learning journals. Several of the links on these pages no longer function, while there is inevitably some overlap from link to link. Nevertheless, these serve as an important starting point for readers looking for such material. Eventually, I plan to draft my own detailed list for this site. 


Anyone looking to run an online programme of any kind will need to develop a platform through which to deliver it. This is known as a Virtual Learning Environment, or VLE. A VLE is a piece of a web space, usually a password-protected intranet, where the course or programme of study can be accessed by students and staff by logging in.

At its most basic, a VLE could be a private website with login details, which provides access to a collection of resources (for example, reading material, audio lectures, YouTube videos, assignment details) required for that particular course.

More advanced VLEs will have different areas sectioned off, perhaps for different courses, it will likely include a forum so that members of the learning community can interact, and will also draw on a wider array of resources and media.

NB This article is concerned with undergraduate and postgraduate theological education, but many of the principles and issues raised here apply to other forms and levels of Christian education.

The world of Higher Education is changing - rapidly. Indeed it is not an exaggeration to say that somewhat of a revolution is underway, much like a snowball rolling down the hill and growing exponentially.

Educators in the fields of business and IT (Information Technology) have engaged this phenomenon for a number of years. But now other disciplines are also taking note, realising they are in danger of being left behind. Theological institutions - not noted for being the most innovative of organisations - especially stand to lose out unless they embrace the new reality.

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coloured ethernet cablesFrom a technology perspective we live in truly exciting, even bewildering times. Whether advancements across the Internet, in computing and the production of newer, more powerful devices, or software and apps that do just about anything, we are in a constant state of change and flux, with organisations and individuals given access on an almost daily basis to new and exciting tools to assist them in their work and day-to-day life. This unparalleled access to electronic tools that boost productivity is beyond anything our grandparents could possibly imagine, and it is perhaps best summed up in that frequentstatement, "There's an app for that". 

IT (information technology) is everywhere, in all walks of life: communications, transportation, the workplace, business and trade, religion, even in our social lives.